About us

We are Agni, proud to be the leading manufacturer, developer & Suppliers of Fire Alarm and Signaling equipment’s, Security Panels, Auto Dialers, Integrated Fire cum Security System, Flexible Sprinkler Hose & Exit Signages for various Government & Private sectors.

We were founded in 1989 in the name of Agni Instruments Engineers at the dawn of an age in which fire Industries would flourish like
never before. Over the years, we have expanded our horizons to serve the various government institutions like CPWD, PWD, BSNL, MTNL,Railways and other govt., private & corporate bodies.

Long, a pioneer in the fire industry, the Agni Devices Pvt. Ltd., currently manufactures various types of Fire Alarm and SignalingEquipments & Security Equipments, Flexible Sprinkler Hose & Exit Signages for Govt., Commercial, Institutional & Industrial Clients throughout India. We are also the importers for the various Fire and Security Equipments.

Over a past decade, Agni Devices Pvt. Ltd. has made a significant investment in new product & product development. Agni Devices Pvt. Ltd. has system solution for any project application, large or small, simple or complex. Our commitment is to supply our customer with the highest quality system insuring testing & reliability. Agni Devices Pvt. Ltd. Provide quality product utilizing the latest technology with highly trained professional, wide range of industry experience and supreme design engineering & commissioning capability.

Code Specification and Approval:

Agni Devices Pvt. Ltd. are the leading manufacturer of fire alarm control panel and accessories made as per IS 2189 :1999. Our panels are being tested by ERTL (N) as per IS 2189 and 2175 of Indian Standard. Our panels are earlier approved by TAC (Tariff Advisory Committee). It is also approved by B.S.N.L., C.P.W.D., P.W.D., Railways, Banks, MES etc.

We are also the manufacturer of Smoke Detectors (UL Listed/EN-54/ LPCB Approved), Flexible Sprinkler Hose (AGFlex UL Listed) & Exit Signages. Our company is a ISO 9001 : 2008 certified company, and some of products are having international approvals i.e. UL, LPCB, EN 54 , VDS, CE.