Co Detector / LPG Detector / Flame Detector / LHS Cable / WLD Cable

The world is showing signs of development and advancement in every sector or domain. Such enormous form of development is also seen, when we talk about the products related to the safety aspect of fire type of products. Initially whenever fire related hazard was caused, then automatically the first call is made to the firefighters. With the passage of time and overall development took place, due to the advent of new forms of technology, things changed drastically. Agni Devices Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned company in the field of manufacturing of CO Detector, LPG Detector, Flame Detector, LHS Cable; WLD Cable etc. All these types of products have attained the highest order of not only the best safety product but also the quality aspect from the best quality agencies like ISI. This is the most prominent reason why all the clients in our list never turn their head back, the moment they lay their hands on the pristine type of products coming out of our lab and making the life of all our clients safe and secure. Such type of standard is achieved only after having a close watch on each and every detail of the product being manufactured by our company.