ISI Marked Fire Extinguishers

One can do whatever they feel like both in terms of personal use or something in reference to commercial aspect but safety is one basic factor that has to be kept in mind. In fact, many people take it for granted but in reality this element holds the key in determining the reduction of loss of both property and personal injury as well. This is what has been understood by Agni Devices Pvt. Ltd., in a detailed manner. Our company also has the comfort of having a team of well skilled and qualified people that always come out with brilliant suggestions and advice. It is not an ordinary firm that has stashed their stores with the specified version of the products. It is only when you are well versed with all the specifications of the product, then you are able to lecture about the pros of using it for the desired purpose. This is the simple and very prominent reason why our company has never struggled in advising people and educating them about the ways to safeguard themselves from all sorts of fire hazards. Our understanding of the product is so good, that it instills the huge amount of confidence in our consumers as well, that they are getting an apt advice from a learned person.

We also have a variety of products, that further intensifies the faith and good will of the company and the segments in which the products segregated are-

  • * Mechanical Foam Type.
  • * Water Co2 stored pressure type.
  • * Co2 Gas Type.
  • * ABC stored pressure type

It is only after segregating the types of Fire Extinguishers according to their specific use, the company also has gained a tremendous appreciation and been very particular to also gain a copy of ISI. It stands as the quality assurance which is portrayed to the concerned clients. All these efforts of the workforce of the organisation are the fundamental cause why it is burning and agonising the pain of all their competitors in the market.