About us

The world is not bounded with the quality of work; this is one thing that has been

escalated to the next level due to the following things – Firstly due to its sheer hard work

and secondly due to the fact that the world has also graduated from one level to the other.

When the question is related to the safety aspect of a human beings life and the hard

earned property, then one does not take any chance to deliver the product fulfilling the

quality standard of the highest order. Agni Devices Pvt. Ltd. has been working for more

than two decades for the manufacturing, developing and supplying of all the products

related to the Fire Safety Products. There is no dearth of information which will help the

engineers to come out with the most sophisticated form of equipment.

In this duration of time, the company has gained lot of experience in the production of

various types of products that will guarantee that no second rated form of the product is

launched into the market. Today the company has made long strides in the development

of such products and has been able to make inroads into the Commercial, Institutional

and Industrial Clients throughout India. Such a form of incredible achievement had been

the close supervision of all the engineers working in the organisation and they had been

the hallmark why our company has acquired a distinguished status in the market.

Our Team

The efficiency of any type of product is based on the principle and that is the up to date

information related to the manufacturing of the desired product. Our company was

incorporated in the year 1989 when such devices had just seen the light of the day.

During that period of time itself, the engineers had shown immense maturity by raising the

benchmark each time when a new series of product is launched into the market. Our

team members have been the core strength of our organisation reason being they are

proficient enough to fabricate not only one segment but also carry out every process in a

synchronised manner and this has redefined our image in the market.

Why Us

The quality standard maintained by Agni Devices Pvt. Ltd is of unmatched quality and it is

this that has escalated the overall status of our company. There is no dearth of efficiency

that the engineers have in the manufacturing of Fire Safety Product. For us, the size or

the volume of the order does not act as a deterrent and not even the span of time within

which the product should be made and delivered to the respective clients. At no stage, we

shirk away from our adoption of the pristine version of quality. This is why we have

followed a strict regime which is set in IS 2189: 1999. Well to ensure that the product is

not stacked behind any other brand, the quality check is done by BSNL, CPWD, PWD,

Railways etc.